2020 September 14 - SSCF service changes update - Replacement option for Crashplan backups

Sep 14, 2020, 2:41 PM

Hi everyone,

A quick update -

We've now got Backblaze up and running as a replacement for Crashplan. This is in some ways a more capable product than Crashplan was (the client is much less clunky) but of course it's not free. The cost is:

$60/year per computer backed up (with 30 day backup retention)

plus $2/month per machine additional to increase to 1 year retention

plus an additional $0.005/GB/month per machine for "forever" retention (per-GB charge only for versions deleted more than 1 year ago.)

Right now we can only do payment via an express card.

If you're interested in this please send a note to sscfhelp@ucsd.edu