Mac / iPad automatic enrollment

When you purchase a Macintosh or iPad using an index number belonging to a Social Sciences department or research unit, the machine will automatically be enrolled in device management at first bootup.

This enrollment will automatically turn on full device encryption, and will allow the device to be remote-wiped if it is lost or stolen.

You will be able to keep your own recovery key for the device, and SSCF will also have a recovery key that can be used in the event that you lose or can't access your key. We will not use our key without your direct authorization unless approved by the Dean (for faculty systems) or Assistant Dean (for everyone else).

For faculty only, it is possible to opt out of this management by contacting SSCF with the serial number of the newly-purchased device. You will need to confirm to SSCF in writing that you will comply with UCSD's device encryption policy. Business staff may not opt out.

During the initial setup of the device (usually the first time you log out or reboot), the machine will pause for up to 30 seconds while it prepares to encrypt and you'll be presented with a dialog box that looks like this one:

Example of recovery key dialog box

You should write down the code or take a picture of it - you'll need it if you ever need to recover data from the device due to a lost password or damaged drive. (Note that if you haven't opted out, SSCF can also use our recovery key to help you get your data back.)

In later stages, we also plan to use these management tools to push antivirus software, etc. to all of the systems we're responsible for protecting. Our intent is not to use these tools to watch what you do with the computer - we will continue to try to actively avoid collecting unnecessary log data, and hope to use these tools simply to better protect your system by ensuring that it's properly encrypted and protected against security vulnerabilities.

Existing machines or those that are purchased other than via the bookstore (or using an index that doesn't come from Social Sciences) can be enrolled manually by contacting SSCF.

Index prefixes which will be auto-enrolled:

  • DSS - Dean’s Office

  • ANT - Anthropology

  • COG - Cognitive Science

  • COM - Communication


  • ECO - Economics

  • ETH - Ethnic Studies

  • GHP - Global Health Program

  • HDP - Human Development Program

  • LIN - Linguistics

  • LNG - Lingusitics

  • PLS - Political Science

  • PSY - Psychology

  • EDS - Education Studies

  • USP - Urban Studies & Planning

  • SOC - Sociology


  • CRL - Center for Research in Language

  • CGS - Critical Gender Studies

  • LAS - Latin American Studies

(For example, if you purchase a computer using the index DSS1234 or LIN5678 it will be auto-enrolled.)