Storage Services for Faculty & Research

For faculty whose primary affiliation is with a department in the Division of Social Sciences, SSCF provides 5tb of free storage (accessible via nfs or smb/cifs) and 30 days of backups.

For some types of work, Google Team Drives or Microsoft OneDrive may be more suitable and convenient, but for others local storage is easier to work with or may even be required depending on the type of data being held.

This storage may be used to hold PII, animal, and human subject data with IRB approval, but may not be used to hold HIPAA data. If you have data that has other regulatory or funding agency requirements attached, please talk to us - we can usually find a way to meet the requirements if we aren’t already meeting them.

For requests made after 1/1/2019 the data will be stored on encrypted drives on both the primary and backup servers. (Older data will be migrated to encrypted storage as drives are retired and replaced.)

This storage is configured with a high level of redundancy - both the primary and backup copies can survive the failure of 3 drives (generally out of a group of 12) without data loss. The primary copy is stored at SDSC, and the secondary copy is stored at SIO.

If additional storage is needed, the faculty member can purchase supported drives to be installed in divisionally-owned servers for just the cost of the drives. We are currently purchasing 12tb drives, but data protection overhead will consume a bit more than 25% of the purchased space, so purchasing two 12tb drives (one for primary storage, one for backups) will provide approximately 9tb of backed-up space. Purchased drives will have a service life of five years, after which the drives will generally need to be replaced or the data moved elsewhere. (We have to add drives to the servers in groups of 12, so we’re simply “fronting” the storage to somebody who buys only 2 drives right now and physically adding those drives to the server when we’ve got 12 of them built up. Because the filesystem spreads data out across all of the drives in the system, your data will not live entirely on the drives you purchased, and the drives may not be removed until the end of their service life.)

We can support this growth mechanism up to 12 drives per faculty member, regardless of drive size. Beyond that, the faculty member would need to purchase (or co-purchase) a storage shelf with the necessary bays to add additional drives.

If you have more complicated needs we can work with you on things like cloud-hosting (AWS/Azure), high-performance storage from SDSC, or local storage for field research or data acquisition environments.

Please contact us to get started on any of this.