2020 October 8 - SSCF resuming some on-site IT support

Hi everyone,

As students and teaching return to campus and we transition from full work-from-home to a hybrid model, SSCF is resuming some essential on-site services.

We are still in the midst of a pandemic and since each of our staff members supports hundreds of customers to protect both you and our team we will still be limiting in-person contact as much as possible.

Starting on October 12, an SSCF staff member will be on campus during normal working hours to handle fixes that require somebody to be on-site. We will have on-site staff rotation and some staff may need to continue 100% remote work, so it may be that your regular support person is working remotely and getting hands-on assistance from the person who is on campus that day. You can see the schedule for which staff member will be on campus on this page:


Please don't hesitate to ask for support just because the person you usually work with isn't there in person - we're all working together behind the scenes. Also, please note that we are not doing walk-in support at this time and our office doors will be closed, you will need to use one of these contact methods to get in touch with us:


We are continuing to follow campus distancing rules and safety protocols, which means we are not providing normal face-to-face support. If we need to come into your office to work on your machine, we will ask you to please leave the office temporarily. (And please don't be offended if we sanitize your work area or even bring our own keyboard and mouse.)

The SSCF staff have been advised to use their judgement and politely end any encounter where they feel distancing and safety protocols are not being followed.

Thankfully, here in San Diego socially-distanced outdoor discussions are practical most of the year, and we're looking forward to doing that where possible. We're also happy to continue support by phone or Zoom.

As more people return to campus we will begin to increase the number of people we have on-site, and we're looking forward to returning to some degree of normalcy in the coming months.



Tom Guptill Russo

IT Director, Arts & Humanities Dean's Office

Director, Social Sciences Computing Facility

University of California, San Diego