2021 February 26 - ChromeOS update

Sorry for the mass email.

If you're receiving this message, at some point in the past you logged into a ChromeOS computer managed by SSCF. (Unfortunately the logs don't include the time so this might be some time ago - if you no longer use one of our ChromeOS devices you can ignore this message.)

We've distributed a number of ChromeOS devices to support remote work during the pandemic. To better secure and protect the devices, we're going to change their default configuration for our devices so that only UCSD Google accounts can log into them. This won't apply to devices identified as being owned by EAOP or TRIO.

You'll still be able to access your personal gmail from the device, you'll just need to use a UCSD account to log in on the main login screen.

If you have chrome devices that require access by non-UCSD accounts, please contact sscfhelp@ucsd.edu and we can make special arrangements.

Thanks for your patience.