Batch File Examples

Basic Boilerplate for every job submission script, with module load command

This example is a: 5 minute long, 1 node, 2 core Python 3.5.1 job on the general nodes(partition)


#SBATCH --nodes=1

#SBATCH --time=00:05:00

#SBATCH -partition=general

#SBATCH --ntasks=2

#SBATCH --job-name=test-job

#SBATCH --output=test-job.%j.out

module purge

module load python/3.5.1(load your needed module here . . . .)

Simple R submission Script - Copy and paste it into a text editor

Module load Commands are used to load the specific software versions needed to run code(other than the default install)

The below example has the paths left in as an example. You will need to change them to reflect your needs.

This example runs on a single node with default(system allocations) of resources on the general nodes(partition)


#SBATCH -partition=general

#SBATCH -o ./TeenTech_out/KCslurm-%A_%a.out

#Load Modules

module load R/3.6.1

#call and Run the R Script

Rscript /home/sscf-todd/Documents/TeenTechXS/MCS_Code/4_3_1_b_Run_On_Cluster_2nd_per_mcs.R