Remote Work Items

Note that many of these items may be difficult to get right now, or may only be offered by third-party sellers at ridiculous prices. Most of these items must be purchased through your department business office - they may direct-ship it to you or ask you to purchase it and get reimbursed. For logistical reasons, SSCF will no longer be direct-shipping remote work items once the last of our existing stash of webcams is distributed.

Logitech C920 webcam

Logitech C920 or C920S webcam. Works out of the box with PC/Mac/ChromeOS. (Generally no need to install drivers, prompt to install Logitech software can be ignored.)

These are very hard to get right now but are good video quality. Should not cost more than $75! (And should normally be around $50.)

Most other Logitech models should work, C615 (should be under $35) has been tested and is decent quality for a slightly lower list price if you can find it. The video quality of the BRIO 4k camera is good, but it is very expensive and device driver installation on Windows can be a problem. (The microphone on the BRIO also doesn't always work well on ChromeOS.)

USB ethernet adapter

Anker USB ethernet adapter (standard USB version) or Anker USB-C ethernet adapter (for machines like recent Macbooks and some thin-and-light PC laptops that don't have regular USB ports)

Works fine with Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS. No need to install drivers.

(The standard model also seems to work just fine with USB A-C adapters.)

You'll also need an ethernet cable of the appropriate length - any cable that says it's "category 6" and gets a 5 star review with a decent number of purchases should work.

USB gaming headset

SADES USB headset. (Also available from Walmart.) Regular "office" type headsets are very hard to come by right now, but gaming headsets work fine and are still widely available.

Pro: You can hear people on the Zoom call clearly, and they can hear you with less background noise.

Con: You look like you're flying a spaceship. (Assuming this is a con.)

Laptops can be hard to come by, but we've found a few that are readily available and can serve in a pinch. (Note that we are still able to get our "standard" laptops, so these options should be viewed as stopgaps when you have the need for an inexpensive machine for somebody who wouldn't normally have a laptop.)

Lenovo 100e Chromebook (11" screen) - Best Buy (no fan)

Motile 14" Windows Laptop - Walmart (fan is bit loud)

HP 14" Windows Laptop (AMD) - Walmart (fan is a bit loud)

Of the two Windows options, the Motile has a nicer screen. the HP has a nicer keyboard. Both Windows machines have built-in ethernet adapters, the Chromebook will work with the standard USB adapter recommended above.


Keyboards and mice are still readily available. Here's a simple Logitech keyboard/mouse combo pack for less than $15.