Logistics during Covid-19

One thing we're having to deal with without having had much time to prepare is the need to get equipment to and from people who are now working from home, both for deployment of new machines and for repair of existing ones.

We've had a number of requests for in-person meetings on campus to hand off machines or help face-to-face. Unfortunately we can't do this - while this may be just a one-off meeting for a customer, we serve over 1,000 of you and the need would be too frequent and put our team at unnecessary risk. We have looked for a method using Logistics Services on campus, but they're not equipped to handle it at scale.

As a result, we've gone to a shipping-based support model for hardware. For new machine orders, the smoothest path is to have us assist with the order so we can have it shipped directly to one of our staff. They can then prepare the machine and send it out to the customer. We also have a stockpile of our standard systems available for quick shipping, and even if you're paying using your own index we can generally just charge you for it via an EPET (funds transfer) though your business office. Please note that orders for new Apple machines are currently taking 2 weeks or more.

We have webcams available for instructional or business office use that we can ship directly to you. For other supplemental equipment (monitors, keyboards, mice, printers) we can help you order through your business office. We also have some recommended equipment options. Note that Marketplace orders cannot be shipped directly to customers, direct-ship orders must be done on an Express card. Thanks to support from Purchasing and the vendors, SSCF has the ability to direct-ship some CDWG and Dell orders with UCSD pricing using an Express card.

If you're having problems with existing equipment, we're able to help with many issues using remote control software. In cases where a repair is required we can help you to ship the machine directly to one of our staff. We can also generally arrange for a loaner machine if needed, though our pool of loaners is limited so we will need you to return it promptly. (We'll provide a return shipping label.)

In most cases, shipping costs must be paid by the department unless we are shipping a new or replacement machine covered under the business office purchase program. Note that laptops shipped to a purchase program user who has an existing desktop will replace that desktop - we will reclaim the desktop machine when we return to campus and replace it with a docking station for the laptop.

For shipped equipment, both USPS and FedEx will pick up directly at your house, with no need to drop the package off. FedEx pickups can be arranged through your business office using the campus ShipIt portal.