Mac Device Self-Enrollment

If you get your Mac from SSCF, we'll generally go through the setup process for you. However, if you pick it up from the bookstore yourself you can enroll it in the SSCF device management server. This will:

  • Ensure that the campus-provided antivirus software has the necessary permissions to do its job.

  • Prevent you from having to make manual changes to use applications like Google Drive

  • Ensure that your system is properly encrypted and that SSCF is storing a backup copy of your recovery key.

Please only do this on systems that are owned by UCSD.

To attach your Mac to the SSCF management server, visit the following URL in Safari:

On the main screen, choose "My Devices"

Log in using your normal UCSD AD username and password. (Just the username, without the

You'll get a screen that looks like this - click the "Enroll" button.

You'll be prompted to allow the site to download a file, allow it.

After that you'll get a popup asking whether it's OK to install the profile. Click the "Install" button. You may be prompted for your admin credentials.

Once you've done that, switch to the other tab called "Profiles" and click on "Install". You'll be prompted again for your admin credentials.

That's it. If your machine isn't already using FileVault for encryption, you may get a popup the next time you log out giving you a recovery key. Make a note of this key - it can serve as a backup to get to your data if something happens to the encryption settings on your laptop.