Request a sponsored email address

In order to create a mailbox for a visiting scholar or affiliate that is not in UCSD's payroll system, the department hosting the visitor will need to request sponsorship for the account by sending an email to the Postmaster team at The Postmaster team will need the following pieces of information to complete the request:

1. Two to three desired usernames (in case the first one or two are taken). We recommend beginning the username with a department signifier to clarify that it's a visiting account. For instance, econ-gbluefin (full email address if Gary Bluefin is visiting the Economics Department.

2. The duration for which the account should be active. For instance, from November 1st to November 31st, 2018, or from November 1st 2018 to November 1st, 2019.

3. The hosting service for the mailbox (either Gmail or Exchange/Outlook). By default students are assigned Gmail mailboxes, staff are presumed to receive Outlook/Exchange mailboxes, and faculty are given their preference. However, Postmaster can create accounts of any affiliation on either hosting service.

Once Postmaster has that information they should be able to create the mailbox within two business days, and should provide information for setting a password and checking email based on the hosting service that the visitor/the department decides on. If the visitor has any trouble using their UCSD mailbox or services based on UCSD credentials like the UCSD-Protected network, they can contact their department SSCF representative or for additional assistance.