Self-license a Chromebook

If you’ve been sent a Chromebook to use for UCSD business, and it hasn’t already been set up by SSCF, there are a few short steps you’ll want to take to do what’s called licensing it. This licensing allows SSCF to automatically push out useful extensions, and better track machines that are managed by us.

It’s not immediately necessary that the Chromebook be licensed. For instance, if licensing fails for any reason and you need to use the Chromebook until an SSCF representative can examine the problem, you can connect to the Internet, log in with your UCSD account, and proceed as normal. However, there is an extra step involved in licensing a Chromebook that’s previously been logged into, so it’s quickest to license it before using it if possible.

Licensing process:

  1. If anyone has logged into the Chromebook before, powerwash the device. This should not cause you to lose any data, Docs that you’ve been working on will all be saved in your Google Drive, powerwashing the device doesn’t affect your Drive at all. Instructions for powerwashing can be found here:

2. If you are getting the Chromebook “out of the box”: Click through the initial setup process, and when prompted connect to your home network. You will arrive at a sign in page. Do NOT log in yet or you will need to powerwash the computer again.

3. When you reach the page saying “Sign into your Chromebook”, hit Ctrl+Alt+E. The screen will change to say “Enterprise Enrollment”, enter your full UCSD email address and hit Next

4. Sign in at the UCSD login prompt as you’d sign in to your email account or the VPN

5. You’ll now see a slightly different sign in page indicating the device is managed by UCSD. In the event the Chromebook needs to be used by a non-UCSD affiliate (say, a visiting scholar), there is the option to use a guest account near the bottom of the page.

If you need any Chrome extensions, or would like to set up various rules on how the Chromebook operates (who can log in, for instance), SSCF can now deploy changes to the Chromebook remotely. If you have any questions, or run into issues with this process, please contact your SSCF representative and they’ll be happy to help!