Convert Windows programs to their Software Center equivalent

For university-owned Windows computer, SSCF uses a management infrastructure that includes a program called Software Center. The Software Center provides installers for a number of useful programs, all of which have been tested by SSCF and can be installed without admin rights. More about the Software Center in general can be found here.

In some instances programs installed without using the Software Center can run into issues, usually due to incorrect updates; switching to the version offered by the Software Center can resolve these problems. Below are instructions for switching to the Software Center version of Zoom, but the same process works for any program offered by the Software Center.

1. Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner, search for "Software Center".

2. Open the Software Center and click on the Zoom icon. If the Status field in the next window says "Available", Zoom was likely installed before the Software Center was deployed. The Software Center's version of Zoom is tested by us before we deploy it, and switching over to this version should resolve most issues. If it does not say "Available" and you have an issue with Zoom, contact SSCF.

3. Close the Software Center for a moment. Click on the Windows icon again and search for "Add or Remove Programs".

4. Navigate down to Zoom and click on it. Click Uninstall and follow the directions to uninstall it. If you are prompted for admin credentials and don't have them, contact your SSCF representative and they can assist with the conversion.

5. Open the Software Center again, click on Zoom, and click on Install. This may take few minutes.

6. Zoom should now be available, and should update automatically on the SSCF release schedule, eliminating many bugs.

If you're having issues with a program installed via Software Center, or if switching to the Software Center version of a program doesn't help, please contact your SSCF representative.