Connect to VPN before login

For Active Directory computers (machines you log into with your UCSD credentials); the first time you login must be done over a UCSD connection. If you're attempting to log in for the first time from off-campus, the following instructions will allow you to get to a UCSD connection from anywhere so that you can log in.

0. Connect to your home wi-fi or ethernet connection; in the same way you'd connect a personal computer to the Internet.

1. At the login screen, click on the "Network sign-in" icon in the bottom right corner of the window.

2. The Cisco AnyConnect dialogue will come up (likely familiar to regular users of the VPN). At the first prompt, type in "" and hit Connect.

3. Select the group "2-Step Secured - allthruucsd", and type in your AD username and password. If you have Duo set up to send you a push notification your username and password are all you'll need to enter, if that's not the case you may need to provide a bit more information, per these instructions:

You will be prompted for a Duo notification when you hit Ok.

4. Once connected to the VPN, your wifi symbol will change (to the Ethernet symbol). If you see this, you can now log in with your AD account as if you were connected on campus.

If you run into trouble with these instructions, please don't hesitate to email us at Our ability to troubleshoot your issue is greatly improved if you can provide the step at which the process fails, and either the exact text or a screenshot of any error messages that you see.