Backblaze Install

Find the invite to join Backblaze in your email and click "Join the Backblaze Group"

Accept the Terms of Service and confirm the Version History-- It's either 30-day or 1 year depending on the plan you paid for. Click Next and create a new password for your account.

Download the Blackblaze software to your computer.

Click on the Backblaze download and start the installation.

Wait for it to install and analyze your files then press OK to open the Backblaze Control Panel.

The Initial Backup will begin. The time it takes to complete your initial backup depends on the upload speed provided by your ISP. We recommend keeping your computer on at night and have it not go to sleep while Backblaze gets through the initial backup. Your first backup may take a little while, but after that Backblaze only uploads new or changed files, so it will be very quick.

Success you are now Backed up! By default Backblaze runs Continuously in the background. You can adjust this in the settings.