Using the Software Center on Windows

As part of our endpoint management system, SSCF has deployed a program called the Software Center to all Windows machines that are set up by us. The Software Center provides a repository of useful applications that are vetted by SSCF, and can be installed without admin rights.

  1. To open the Software Center, you need only click on the Search Bar in the bottom left corner of your screen and type in "Software Center". It should be the first result:

2. Once launched, the program will open a window showing a number of different applications that are available to all SSCF customers. What you see may not be identical to the example below, if there's a program that you need that isn't shown in the Software Center, please contact your SSCF representative.

3. To install one of these programs, you need only click on the icon and hit "Install". Admin credentials are not required for this, so you can install these programs without needing elevated privileges.

4. In the event that the Software Center isn't behaving correctly, there is a troubleshooting step you can try on your own that may solve your issue. On the left-hand side of the Software Center there's a tab called "Device Compliance", and when you click on the tab you'll see a button that says "Check Compliance". Clicking that button will force the machine to check in with SSCF's management server and can correct problems it identifies automatically. There's no message when a compliance check completes, but if you hit the button and wait about a minute, you can try your installs again.

5. If your issue still persists, contact your SSCF representative for personalized assistance. Screenshots and/or the exact text of any error messages you receive are extremely helpful in troubleshooting. Also helpful, in the Device Compliance tag, the first piece of information -- the alphanumeric string at the very top -- is your computer's name, providing that in your ticket helps us identify any potential issues with your computer in particular.