SSCF Onboarding Process

The on-boarding process for new staff and faculty can be confusing from a technical standpoint, given the number of steps involved. Below is a general workflow that should allow for a smooth on-boarding in most cases. If your department uses a different process or if you have any questions, you can contact your department SSCF representative (ex. or email and we'll be happy to help!

0. The department makes a decision to hire a new employee, and enters them in to PPS

  1. PPS generates an employee ID for the new hire

    1. If you contact your SSCF representative at this point and provide them with the first and last name of the employee, their employee ID in PPS, and the mail platform they'll be using (Exchange/Outlook or Gmail), we can begin setting up the employee's email account

  2. Active directory/email setup

    1. SSCF will follow up with the new hire's email address, temporary password, and any additional information needed

    2. The new hire should change their password at as soon as possible, using the temporary password as their current password.

    3. At this point they'll be able to log in to UCSD-Protected, the VPN, AD-bound computers, and any UCSD resources that require AD credentials

  3. Business Systems setup

    1. The new hire will use their UCSD email to sign up for Single Sign-on (also called Business Systems). The process is mostly self-driven, instructions can be found here:

    2. At this point they can sign-in to MyTime and other SSO/Business Systems services

  4. AYSO setup

    1. Also largely self-driven, instructions can be found here:

  5. Duo enrollment

    1. The new hire should sign up for Two-Step authentication for Business Systems and VPN access using the instructions here:

    2. At this point the account should be fully created and active. Its owner should have access to all job- and benefits-related systems unless the SSCF tech working on the account creation says otherwise

  6. Contact SSCF if anything does not work

    1. At this point, the new hire's account should be fully set up, and should behave essentially how any other staff member of a similar classification's behaves.

    2. If this is not the case, or if any other technical support is needed, please contact SSCF and we'll be glad to help!