SSB 101 TEMPORARY Video setup

The company that manufactured the video conferencing system in SSB 101 has gone bankrupt, and the device no longer works. We've installed a loaner Windows PC on the television, but it doesn't work properly with the touchscreen controller. Until this can be fixed you'll need to use these workarounds to switch between the PC (used for Zoom) and the laptop/podium/DVD/VCR connections controlled by the touchscreen.

To use the touchscreen connections (to display the laptop HDMI cable, lectern connection, DVD, or VCR), use the Sharp TV remote to switch to input HDMI 1

To use the Windows PC connected to the camera on top of the television, use the Sharp TV remote to switch to input HDMI 2, and press the spacebar on the GRAY LOGITECH WIRELESS KEYBOARD to wake up the PC.

Log into the PC using your UCSD AD account. You can then start Zoom, Teams, etc.

There is a power switch at the top of the wireless keyboard. If green is showing, the power is on.)

Please be sure to log out when you're finished!

Please be sure to switch the input back to HDMI 1 when you're finished!

The Tely videoconferencing device no longer works.