PEB 721 LARGE Conference room

Meeting Room Set-ups

Maximum capacity is 65

3 tables with 20 seats at each table

TV screen, whiteboard and retractable projector screen on the North wall.

TV screen and whiteboard on the South wall.

Ceiling mounted projector

Four video input "cubbies" in the tables in the four corners of the room. Each with an HDMI and USB-C.

For room availability and reservation requests

South wall. TV screen on the right. White board on the left. Projector mounted to the ceiling. AV input "cubby" on the front table on the right.

North wall. TV screen on the left and whiteboard on the right.

South wall. Whiteboard on the left and TV on the right with projector mounted to the ceiling.

Wall panel to power on the room AV system

Next screen after room's AV system has been powered on. Allow you to select which cubby you are using for input. And if you want to control the output to displays. The default is both TV's will be powered on when the room is powered on.

Control on the left is for the projector screen.

Control on the right is for the rooms curtains.