*Under construction. PEB 201 DSS Yankelovich/Black Studies Project

Meeting Room Set-ups and Style: Boardroom/Conference Style

Maximum capacity is 65

24 seats around conference table

2 TV screens on opposite walls

2 Whiteboards on same wall

1 Projector and retractile screen

2 video input "cubbies" at opposite ends of the table. Each with an HDMI and USB-C

*space can be reconfigured

TV screen on the wall on the left. Projector mounted to the ceiling. Table with 2 cubbies and phone in the middle. TV and projector screen on the wall on the right.

In this picture you can also see the 2 white boards on the wall on the right.

One of the 2 "cubbies" with HDMI and USB-C cables

Wall panel to power on the room AV system

Next screen after room's AV system has been powered on. Allow you to select which cubby you are using for input. And if you want to control the output to displays. The default is both TV's will be powered on when the room is powered on.

Control on the left is for the projector screen.

Control on the right is for the rooms curtains.