The Social Science Computing Facility @ UCSD

April 27, 2017

Exchange Migration 2017

Subject: Completion of delayed campus email migration – 10/30 and 11/1

As you may remember, several months ago SSCF requested that ITS delay our migration to the new cloud-based Office 365 email system because there were some issues that they needed to address first.  The problems are fixed, and we’re now ready to proceed with the migration.  We will do this in two batches, with the schedule detailed below.

If you are using Gmail, you don’t need to do anything – your email will remain unchanged and you can stop reading now.

If you have problems accessing your mail via your client during the migration, you should be able to get to it by visiting the new web access URL:

(you might want to print this out so you have it in the event that you can’t get to your email)

If you need help or encounter any problems, the entire SSCF staff will be available in the buildings being migrated that day.  You can also visit the ITS help desk in AP&M, or call SSCF (x22423) or ITS (x41853).

If you are using Outlook on Windows, you probably don’t need to do anything.  During the morning you are scheduled to move, your email will stop working for approximately 15 minutes and then should go back to normal.

Most mobile devices (Android, IOS, Symbian, etc.) should migrate automatically as well, though some may need to be restarted.

If you use Mac Mail, your email account will probably need to be removed and re-added to your client after the migration.  SSCF staff will be on hand to walk you through this.  You won’t lose any email, it will just need to be re-downloaded from the server.

If you are using pop or imap to access your mail, both your server name and your logon name will chhange – follow the instructions on the Blink page:

Migration Schedule:

Monday, October 30: 

North Departments in SSB, Econ, Sequoyah, etc.


Dean’s Office


Ethnic Studies

Political Science


Urban Studies & Planning

Wednesday, November 1:

South Departments in Comm, Cog, AP&M, McGill, Mandler, Pepper Canyon, etc.

Cognitive Science


Design Lab

Education Studies

Human Development




Outreach Units


Research Units

Anyone we missed will be migrated in the second batch.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation during the upgrade.


Tom Guptill

Director, Social Sciences Computing Facility

University of California, San Diego



Subject: UCSD Campus Exchange (email) Migration – Division of Social Sciences Proposed Dates: May 3rd, 9th and 11th, 2017


UC San Diego is currently upgrading the Exchange email environment to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud services as part of an initiative to improve IT security. The upgrade will help IT Services provide a more secure environment to customers with the added benefit of many new features. General information about this migration is outlined on the following Blink page:


Who this affects: Faculty and staff who use the campus Exchange environment ( for email and calendaring.


Who is not affected: Faculty and staff who use the campus Google environment or who forward their mail to an off-campus provider.


Benefits (as stated by ITS)

  • Much-improved OWA (webmail) interface
  • Integration with other Office 365 products like OneDrive
  • Better search functionality
  • All email quotas will increase to 99GB
  • More sophisticated anti-malware protection
  • Other features that can be used to increase efficiency and improve navigation of your mailbox



  • Division of Social Sciences will be moved on the following dates: May 3rd, 4th, and 9th.
  • Early adopters will be moved prior to the scheduled migration dates.


More details will be forthcoming regarding specific times and dates for each department in subsequent emails.


Potential issues:

  • Issues viewing calendar details between old and new environments
  • Mac mail users may need to reconfigure their mail clients
  • As a result of reconfiguring mail clients, computers might be slower due to indexing
  • Mobile devices might need to be reconfigured


How to get support:


On the day your department is moved, SSCF, ITS and other IT departments across campus will assist faculty and staff to deal with any potential issues that may arise.



ITS will be available at x6-HELP

SSCF is always available at x2-2423




Cognitive Science



Critical Gender Studies

Dean’s Office

Design Lab



Education Studies

Ethnic Studies


Latin American Studies


Political Science





Talk with your departmental IT support personnel if you have specific concerns.




Carlos Martinez
UCSD – Division of Social Sciences
Social Sciences Computing Facility

Information Technology Support Supervisor
Mail Code: 0502